About Anne-Marie and Maurice Cervin

Over the last fifteen years my husband Maurice and I have enjoyed walks in wonderful places. We have been helped by guides here and in Ireland, Canada, Brazil and most frequently in Australia. Photographing the many amazing birds we encounter has been a natural progression until now it is our main focus. While I take most of the photos we operate as a team following our passion together.

In New Zealand we have followed the birds and the walks all over the country seeking out our often remote and precious birds in the very special places where they safely thrive. Getting a shot we love is really quite random. While we visit special locations the birds entirely run their own agenda – we look for the chance to capture something special.

What has become evident to us is that with the naked eye our view of a bird is very limited. It is often in the distance, moving too fast, perhaps in difficult light and so we don’t realize the glorious detail that is actually in front of us. The camera opens up another world.

One particular photo series really illustrated that to us. Every year in our front garden we have magnificent flowering bright orange succulent flowers along our front pathway. I was aware that the white eye loved to feed on these. Every year many people would have passed by this happening. Last winter I decided to photograph the silvereyes feeding. I was lucky enough to have a stunning crisp blue day when the flowers were perfect. Our car parked in the driveway was a perfect bird hide. The resulting photos printed and acrylic mounted are simply stunning, right down to the bird’s individual feathers. Everyone who sees this greatly enlarged, bright and colourful photo simply says “Wow!”

Mostly the photos people take stay buried in computers and phones. Our photos likewise have comfortably resided in closed folders. Maurice decided he wanted to see and enjoy our photos, and also share them with family and friends. So began the revelation of some beautiful images we had taken. While there are many ways to view an image it is the acrylic mounted photograph that totally brings these images to life. On a wall they ‘pop’ and you will be engaged by them every day.

The other focus of my photos is capturing the joy of nine little grandchildren under the age of seven! Having raised our own family of six we are now very busy grandparents delighting in our growing family.